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The project Didactonline was an e-learning & exams portal created in 2008.

I started it as a pilot project for online examination. At that time, in Romania, there wasn't such an application.

I used Ajax in every request. Since then I have felt the need for a Javascript framework. Initially I started my own Javascript framework, but then I discovered jQuery and quit that framework. However, jQuery is not even suitable for a javascript application.

The team with I was working, liked this pilot project, so it was decided to continue.

The final graphics was created by the company's graphic designer, and I converted it from PSD to HTML and created the portal.

The complexity of the project grew a lot, compared to the original idea, because new details appeared every day, and we were trying to cover everything that means education in Romania.

Rezultatul final a continut: organizare institutii de invatamant cu organigrame si permisiuni in portal, distribuire cursuri, planificare si sustinere examene, orar si mesagerie in cadrul institutiei (ca o casuta de email in portal).

Requesturile din partea de examinare au ramas in continuare in Ajax.

Urmatoarea problema a fost posibilitatea de a sustine examen chiar si fara conexiune la internet, pe care am rezolvat-o prin scrierea unei aplicatii "master" in VB6 care sincroniza in prealabil datele cu serverul online, si aplicatie "slave" tot in VB6, care includea un browser care, dupa login student, incarca examenul din aplicatia "master".

Aplicatia "master" se instala pe calculatorul profesorului iar aplicatiiile "slave" pe celelalte calculatoare pe care se sustineau examene.

Pentru ca sistemul sa functioneze, trebuia sa functioneze minim reteaua locala.

"master" sincroniza local tot ce tinea de acea institutie (orar, examene, cursanti, profesori, permisiuni, etc), iar daca conexiunea la internet se intrerupea, si sincroniza cand revenea.

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