jQuery - Portfolio

iqApp - CMS & Framework

iqApp is the product of many years of PHP web development, and after I made many mistakes, it become what is now: based on Yii2, modular, multi-language, optimised for sp... Read more

Cloudpro - site builder

I created the CloudPRO project between 2016 and 2017, for the company I work for, by the need to simplify the webdesign service and to give more control to the customersw... Read more

Bointer - Advertising network

The Bointer project started from a play one evening. I wrote a Javascript script that was interted on www.gogoal.org , at that time a browser-based game, and transmitted ... Read more

Didactonline - e-Learning & exams

The project Didactonline was an e-learning & exams portal created in 2008. I started it as a pilot project for online examination. At that time, in Romania, there wasn't ... Read more

ProSADC.com - B2B portal

The ProSADC project was created in 2011 for a client of the company I was employed and associated with. The idea behind this portal is the need for a B2B platform between... Read more

Jobkon.com - job portal

The Jobkon platform was created between 2009 and 2010 for the client of the company I was employed and associated for the South African Countries (SADC) market. The clien... Read more